Light Aroma Color

Lovely small round silhouette.
Design in the image of the collar of a kimono. Features a size that is large enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Kyo Cologne is a product combining interior lighting and aroma diffuser. Features a safe design
that does not use fire or water and does not become hot during use. You can place it near you and enjoy its light at all times.


Enveloped by the light of Kyoto

Enveloped by the light of Kyoto

Light glows from the beautiful Kyoto ware lamp shade. Comfortable aroma of naturally-derived ingredients wafting through the air. Bringing color and providing “a moment of healing” in daily life.

  • Enveloped by the light of Kyoto
  • Enveloped by the light of Kyoto

The four seasons of Kyoto that fascinate viewers

“Products of rare beauty” created by traditional craftsmen of Kyoto ware. Charming design featuring hand-drawn motifs of the flowers of the four seasons. The lamp shade can be easily changed according to the season and situation of use.

The four seasons of Kyoto that fascinate viewers


Porcelain×Precious trees×Copper ware

Kyo Cologne is produced with careful attention paid not only to the lampshade, but also the pedestal and metal fittings.


  • Iroe(yamabudo)


    Enjoy a beautiful and ornate light uniquely hand-painted by Kyoto ware painting craftsmen.

  • Sometsuke(yamabudo)


    Enjoy an attractive indigo light that feels somewhat nostalgic.

  • White Plane

    White Plane

    Enjoy a gentle warm light clothed in a silhouette in the image of a kimono.

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How to use

It is extremely simple to use Kyo Cologne Simply drizzle your favorite essential oil (aroma) onto the accompanying wood chips, place them on the top metal fitting of Kyo Cologne, and press the switch on the back of the pedestal.

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Product specification

kyo cologne

Size Body:Diameter100×Height80mm
Power Input:AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Output:DC5V, 1A

Wood chips

Wood chips can be purchased separately. We also offer a selection of recommended essential oils. Please contact us below for further details.